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Broadband Update

on 9 September 2013 - 6:56pm

As many of you will be aware, OCC has now published the map of areas of the county which will receive a broadband upgrade from BT. At the moment the map is only indicative and is likely to change as BT surveys each area for suitability for an upgrade.

North Leigh village is currently listed as being part of the upgrade but East End, New Yatt and Wilcote are all excluded.

What does this mean for residents of the parish? If BT still intend to upgrade North Leigh village after they have surveyed their hardware infrastructure it will mean that village residents will get a broadband connection with a download speed of 24Mb/s. Actual download speeds will depend on distance from the street cabinet. Upload speeds are not widely published by BT but can be expected to be around 20% of the upload speed so maybe 5Mb/s.

This is no where near as good as what we were hoping to achieve by getting every home access to a proper fibre network. If we were able to do that then download speeds would be 40-1000Mb/s depending on what package you buy and upload speeds would be the same.

However, we need to be realistic. We need to quickly evaluate whether there is still sufficient interest in North Leigh village to sign up 30% of the households as required for the fibre solution as many people will be content with the BT solution of up to 24Mb/s. If not, the project will concentrate on the villages of New Yatt and East End which have been completely left out of the proposed solution.

There are a number of avenues to explore and extra government money has already been announced. Watch this space for more information.